Amazing!!! My husband and I were so comfortable. The staff were so friendly and answered all of our questions. We will definitely be returning!!
— Crystal Cicconetti

Amazing, beautiful, relaxing place! Such nice people there. What a relaxing experience from the aesthetic beauty of the glowing pink salt bricks, salt fireplace, and beautiful cave ceiling with color changing LED lights to the relaxing music, to the feel of the salt in your hands....truly a healing experience. I will be back!
— Susan Hayes

I went here for my birthday with my husband. The cave was amazing! The staff is so helpful, you can tell they are passionate about what they do. They were very calm, collective, & friendly. If you need a break to relax, you will get it here. I was feeling stuffy all day... feeling great this evening. I will defiantly be going back!! And telling all my friends, this is the place to go
— Nikita Hale

I took my 19 month old son in to the salt booth to help clear him up while he was sick.. it was amazing and helped him so much. I will be taking him back everytime he starts getting the sniffles. They provided a box of toys and played cartoons outside of the booth to help keep him occupied. Such a wonderful helpful and peaceful place. I recommend all parents to bring their children the first sign of of cold
— Mackenzie Grether-Lombardo

I was beyond impressed! Debbie and her staff are more than accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable and kind. The cave experience itself was calming, relaxing and peaceful. The soft glow of the lights, smell of the Himalayan salt and sound of the music were all soothing. This was my first time, but it’s certainly not my last visit!
— Amy Parsons

My wife and I just visited for the first time today, 4/15. Very relaxing. So peaceful in the cave. Very interesting too. Found that within minutes my sinuses opened right up. Also noticed I was able to take deeper breaths. Debbie and Bill were both very friendly. Have some very interesting products too. My wife wants one for Mother’s day. Very nice setting. They also have a booth for that quick treatment. Massages and reiki are also available. Definitely would recommend. Tell them Ken and Mary sent you!
— Ken Putman Jr.

The Himalayan Cave is AMAZING. It is beautiful and relaxing. I had felt like I was coming down with something before the session and the next day, I was myself again. If you are familiar with Reiki, it actually felt as relaxing as if I had just received a wonderful Reiki session. I didn’t want to leave! The customer service was also exceptional, the staff very knowledgeable, and even the lobby was very calm and inviting. I want to highly recommend it, but I also want to go all the time, so don’t steal my appointments- LOL!
— Laura J Novak

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Best Salt Cave in Mentor you should take the time and check it out. The Owner Debbie Greenhouse was very informative. I felt like a new person walking out the door after this experience. If your thinking ahead to the Christmas season or need a special gift for someone stop by a pick up a gift certificate.
— Casey Pekarek