What is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is an emerging type of natural therapy in the US. It is widely popular in European countries and is gaining popularity in the states. It is completely natural, drug-free, non-invasive, and safe for all ages, including children.

The Halotherapy treatment involves relaxing in a room that is encased in Himalayan salt, and during the treatment a piece of equipment, called a halo generator, grinds the salt into fine micro particles, giving them a beneficial negative ion charge, and releases into the salt room. The salty air delivers the treatment and is what makes halotherapy effective. The negative ions activate the healing process on a cellular level, helping the body restore itself naturally and effectively.

How do we differ from a true salt cave?

The Halogenerator is the single most important part of halotherapy. While a standard salt cave, natural or engineered, will have tons of beneficial negative ion emitting salt, our halo generator provides a more effective treatment in much less time. We can deliver results more quickly and effectively.

What should one expect when visiting our Salt Cave?

We keep our temperature in the cave around 70-73 degrees, and the humidity is held between 50-60%. This carefully regulated climate allows our cave to be completely sustainable and keeps our cave growing. There is no steam so you will not perspire during the session. Your makeup and hair will remain perfect. If you should feel chilly we provide blankets. We have secure lockers in the lobby area to lock up your valuables.

What happens in the Salt Cave?

The cave is a quiet relaxing place for all to simply relax and breathe in the salt.  Feel free to get out of the chair and play with the salt.  Stirring the salt on the floor only puts more of the salt in the air for you to breathe in.  Please be mindful of other guest in the Cave with you

Can I bring in food or water during my session?

No food, drinks, chewing gum or candy are allowed in the Salt Cave.

What should I wear?

One should dress in comfortable attire which would be appropriate for a public place. You may not wear shoes in our Salt Cave.  Along with a hairnet we provide foot covers to put over your clean socks. Thick socks if you have trouble walking on the salt pebbles.

Can I read a book in the Salt Cave?

Absolutely, you can bring a book if you'd like, but we suggest that you simply relax and breathe in the salt.  However, No Newspapers.  It is dim lighting in there.

Why must I arrive 15 minutes early?

Our sessions begin exactly on the hour and therefore it is very important to arrive 15 minutes early in order to fill out paperwork, use the restroom and to put your personal belongings into our lockers.

Items you DO NOT WANT in cave: 

Key Fob, Fitbits, Phones, Electronic Watches, Earphones.  We know what salt does to our cars in the winter.  We do not want any damage to your equipment.

If you arrive after the session has begun, you may be able to join us for the following session if we have availability. Once the door is closed we do not allow interruptions for the benefit of all of our other customers in the cave.

Can I bring a child with me?

There is no age limit for Salt Therapy. However, we offer our Booth Sessions for children (ages 6 mths -13).   1 Adult per 3 children (13 and under). 

1st child 13 and under go in with adult free of charge in our booth.  If you have a 2nd child then it’s only an additional $5.

Or you may choose to book out the room as a Private Session and bring your children and they can play in the Salt in the Cave. Children must always be accompanied by parents and reservations are required! 

Misc Notes:

Our Salt Cave system contains nothing artificial. It is 100% Himalayan Salt from Pakistan.