"Relax...breathe deeply."


Hello.  My name is Debbie Greenhouse.   This is my story on how I became an owner of a Himalayan Salt Cave.

I used to smoke but had trouble walking and talking at the same time.  So I did the best thing for me, I quit smoking.  After 5 years of not smoking, I still could not walk and talk at the same time.  That was when I found out I have asthma.  A pretty severe case of it as well along with emphysema due to the years of smoking.

With the reduced medical coverage, I could no longer afford to pay for the monthly Xolair shots I was receiving.  So I went on different drugs. None of which help as much as I needed them to.  So through the years of looking for something that will help, I heard about this salt therapy.  I started investing and I found a place within 2 hours from here.

We went on road trips to a place that has a salt room.  After the first treatment, I did feel better, but was it my wanting it to be better or was it real.   More weekend road trips needed to try it again.  Second time I took my spirometer to test my breathing before and after.  I did my test and had about the standard results as I normally did.  Time for my session: This time I went into the salt booth for 15 minutes.  We went to lunch and then I went back for a second treatment.  After the second treatment I did my asthma test again and the results were so much better.  I not only was amazed but my husband was too.

That got me on the path, why not get a booth at home.  Better yet, I suggested to my husband "Maybe we should start a business.   We could build a salt room."  Well the salt room turned into a salt cave.  If you are going to do it, do it right.  So what better way to feel better myself, than to share it with everyone else who has any issues that the salt can help them with as well.